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I'm not joking my muffins.

I was literally about to start writing for my current pitcest fic, Betrayed and Taken, when I went to my notes and saw that someone had stolen one of my writings.


...this was LITERALLY TAKEN and used WORD FOR WORD from my fic Pit in Wonderland: The Cheshire Pittoo. The only thing that changed was it was Ness instead of Pittoo. Everything else I WROTE.

This really hurts me deeply. I love writing. I pour my heart and soul into my works. I love creating stories that not only entertain myself but entertain you guys as well. I honestly could write my pitcest stories and keep them to myself but I love sharing my work with you guys. You guys are my biggest support system and I love each and every one of you!

I don't know if the user of that blog actually stole it from me or if it was someone else but this has been really hurtful. I'm really discouraged and now I don't feel like writing if my work is just going to be stolen and my characters switched out. If I had at LEAST been credited that would've been different but it wasn't. Honestly guys, if you ever want to repost my art or writings (though I'd perfer you just repost the art from my tumblr unless I didn't post it there) you may but please ask me first or credit me.

 I might just take a long break (thanks to my hours picking up and never having time to write anymore) or I might just not write anymore. I'll let you guys know what I decide to do either way.

Thank you KHinablender for informing me.

UPDATE: I will continue writing. I'm not going to let this stop me. I love writing with a passion and I love sharing my work with you guys. Also, someone has to write all the pitcest ideas I have into fics :}
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